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At a loss for inspiration

2009-07-10 08:58:30 by S-E5000

Aint submitted anything in ages now. Just dunno what to make....
Though these days it seems the onle sprite animation that's holding up is SMBZ....everything else just seems to either get blammed or a very low score.

Perhaps it's time to just be a viewer instead of a submitter?


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2009-07-24 08:32:03

Thats too bad, after seeing what you are capable of in your previous work like the great Cell VS Broly fight i was hoping you were working on another DBZ sprite animation all this time. If you need some direction maybe you could try continuing some of your earlier work such as the Goku VS Vegeta fight you made, a lot of people [myself included] who saw it would be very interested in seeing a sequel.

Or if you think Goku VS Vegeta sprite fights have been done too often before, maybe you could try another DBZ villain Vs Villain fight, as it's more original and more likely to stand out from the crowd. Dont get discouraged by the low ratings given to other sprite animations, because often its obvious that those particular animations have not been given a lot of work and thus are bound to get lower ratings. If you were to make another animation on par with your previous work I am certain it would pass.
Good luck!