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Entry #3

Friend is a WoW Addict

2009-07-19 21:02:05 by S-E5000

He needs an ass kicking ...really.
All he does is sleep, play WoW ...then moan that he aint got money to play WoW
When he's off it he complains he's fat due to lack of when he gets offered to go out he says " Nah cba things to do on WoW"

Think deleting his characters is too harsh or what?


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2009-07-19 21:47:01

Just wait for his subscription to end or he just gets annoyed. That's what I feel sometimes when playing WoW. Deleting would be a last last resort.

S-E5000 responds:

Lol when his subscription runs out he complains till his mother pays for it


2010-12-21 10:32:37

No, honestly you're doing him a favor. He may be angry now, but he'll thank you one day.