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Friend is a WoW Addict

2009-07-19 21:02:05 by S-E5000

He needs an ass kicking ...really.
All he does is sleep, play WoW ...then moan that he aint got money to play WoW
When he's off it he complains he's fat due to lack of when he gets offered to go out he says " Nah cba things to do on WoW"

Think deleting his characters is too harsh or what?

Job Hunting sucks

2009-07-19 20:56:16 by S-E5000

With this damn credit crunch, finding a job is a bitch.
And coming out of college with no work experience (other than the lame school 1) doesn't exactly help either

At a loss for inspiration

2009-07-10 08:58:30 by S-E5000

Aint submitted anything in ages now. Just dunno what to make....
Though these days it seems the onle sprite animation that's holding up is SMBZ....everything else just seems to either get blammed or a very low score.

Perhaps it's time to just be a viewer instead of a submitter?